Key-Spy? - What is it?

The Key-Spy is an all-round easy applicable vehicle key transponder reader console, which can be used in the professional as well as in the private area.

Unfortunately nowadays the manipulation on odometers of vehicles is a common instrument used by salesmen to achieve a better price for cars with high mileages, not obtainable using a honest way. According to the ADAC every third vehicle in Germany is manipulated.

     Using the Key-Spy you can protect yourself against those "black sheep" representatives on the vehicle market: Just put the key of the regarding vehicle into the provided slot of the Key-Spy, and the display will show you the exact mileage and the VIN (Vehicle Identification Number).

During second-hand car bargain simply put the power supply into the cigarette lighter socket and check the effective mileage in order to see if the seller is trying to fool you.
The blindingly easy handling of the Key-Spy as well as its fully developed technology as a mobile stand-alone-console makes the Key-Spy an indispensible partner for miscellaneous categories in the vehicle sector:
  • Appraiser
  • Assurances
  • Car rental agencies
  • Leasing-companies
  • Vehicle fleet administration
  • Second-hand car sellers
And last but not least:
  • As a kind of coverage for private citizens when buying a vehicle.
Currently the Key-Spy can read and show the VIN and mileage information of all BMW car keys as from the year of construction 2000. This includes:
  • 1series (E87)
  • 3series (E46 , E90)
  • 5series (E39 end of 1999 , E60)
  • 6series (E63)
  • 7series (E38 end of 1999 , E65)
  • X3 (E83)
  • X5 (E53)
  • Z4 (E85)
  • Z8 (E52)
  • BMW Mini (all)